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"We are going against the ones who give Islam a bad name," 

A quick reflection on the UK terrorist attack that happened on the 22nd March, 2017. This attack can be seen to be destructive and devastating claiming many lives; adult, children, men, women alike leaving the whole community in a state of fear and endless grief however calls for the question 'who could be the next victim?'

Should we leave this to continue? probably No.

In view of the above, we need to create a more fear free environment.

The Peace walk is to demonstrate with strong condemnation that such an act should not be condoned in any form or shape. We implore everyone; Muslims, Christians, Hindu, Sikh and all other faiths in the Houses of Parliament to please support and embrace this initiative tagged "NASFAT Peace Walk 2017" as we shall need to continue to build a positive, fear free, peaceful and united society together.

Date: Saturday 15 July, 2017

Starts time, 1pm at  Trafalgar Square North Terrace to Richmond Terrace.



London terror attack

Nasfat UK/Ireland Society unequivocally condemn  the senseless terrorist attacks at London Bridge and Borough Market. These barbaric and senseless acts of violence against innocent citizens are appalling. 


Our prayers are with the injured, the deceased and their families.


London terror attack

Nasrul lahi-l-fatih Society (NASFAT) UK/Ireland Zone strongly condemn the recent terrorist attack in London.

We implore our Muslim brothers and sisters and our fellow Londoners to enhance the peaceful coexistence among our communities and be committed to the development and progress of the United Kingdom. The appalling act of the extremist must not be allowed to divide the peaceful coexistence among our communities, rather we must remain united irrespective.

We reiterate the fact that there is no justification for the killing of any innocent soul whatsoever. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families.



Assalam Alaykum Warahmotullah Wabarakattuh

Nasrul-Lahi-IL-Faith Society (NASFAT) is an Islamic association that was started in Lagos, Nigeria some twenty-one (21) years ago by Muslim professionals engaged in corporate world. Today, NASFAT has become a worldwide Muslim Society with 255 branches spread across the continent. NASFAT as the society is popularly called is committed to propagation of Islam in the exemplary way. From Lagos (Nigeria) to Washington DC (USA), Accra (Ghana) to London (UK). Our members are dedicated to the cause of Islam as a peaceful religion that is veritable to human successes here on earth and in the hereafter by providing, in addition to Islamic knowledge and guidance, qualitative western education, empowerment programmes targeted at women and youths as well as support for the less privileged members of our communities.


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