OUR VISSION - To be a pacesetting Islamic organisation with widespread acceptance. (Nasfat Constitution Article 3.1)

This is our reason for existence as an organisation. While we continue to observe the factors that bring about differences among the Ummah, we stare clear of controversies and trail the generally acceptable and non-controversial elements of our deen according to the holy Quran and Sunnah. By this we hope to enjoy widespread acceptance in the spirit of Q3:64 (Al-Imran v. 64). "Say, "O people of the scripture, come to a word that is equitable between us and you -that we will not worship except Allah and not associating anything with Him and not take one another as lords instead of Allah" But if they turn away say, "Bear witness that we are Muslims (Submitting to Him)"

OUR MISSION - To develop an enlightened society nurtured by a true understanding of Islam for spiritual upliftment and welfare of mankind. (Nasfat Constitution Article 3.2)

To achieve our mission as a society, we concentrate on promoting Islamic knowledge among our members as reflected in our activities, encourage brotherhood through relationships and supportive welfarism for a better society. By this our positive expectation is to create membership of enlightened Muslims that understand the peace inherent in our religion in all dealings according to the tenets of Islam while contributing positively to their community in all walks of life.


  • Strict adherence to Quran and Sunnah
  • Projecting the beauty of Islam
  • Promoting Islamic brotherhood
  • Pursuit of knowledge
  • Efficacy of prayer
  • Recognising equality of all Muslims
  • Being caring, humane and tolerant
  • Patience and steadfastness

Our value delivery channels:

The society shared value are delivered and acquired through the following four paths:

Spiritual, Education, Social and Welfare.

Spiritual path programmes include weekly Asalatu and praise worship of Almighty Allah, monthly Tahajud; Periodic Tafseer mostly during Ramadhan; Special Prayer Request (both personal and collective); members Taqwah (Godliness) fortification through regular inspiring lectures. Education path programmes include; Quranic reading and Islamic jurisprudence, Special lectures, Continuing Islamic education for both children and adults alike through Nasfat Academy. Social path programmes include; special eid events, Our anniversary celebrations, Naming of new borns (Aqeeqah), Islamic Marriages (Nikkah), members' birthdays etc.; and continuous bonded network of friends and like minds.

Welfare path programme includes assistance through scholarships, skill acquisition, cooperative financing and assistances. This also include communal use of our facilities including halls, schools, mosques etc.


Focuses on helping young people. We engage with them with the many hurdles that they face in the contemporary society, we empower and equip them with life skills, so that they may become model citizens, that is certainly our challenge. However, we will not waiver and remain committed to our young people and that is why we pride ourselves with the continuing support to our vibrant youth wing.

Impacting the society. Matters that directly affect our communities and impact those that we serve, play a key part in the way we shape and deliver our services. As a religious charity organisation, our strategic plans are to assist the less privileged in the Society irrespective of their religious beliefs, colour, gender or race and within the limits of the resources of the Society and membership empowerment

Develop enlightened Muslim society. We strive to bridge the gap, both educational and spiritual, between the elite and the Islamic scholars through the creation of a well lubricated channel of communication to serve as a basis for effective interaction and exchange of ideas. To create a conducive atmosphere for the unity of members irrespective of status, race, gender or colour and to strengthen in them the true Islamic spirit of brotherhood and absolute faith in Allah.

Create a conducive atmosphere for the unity of members and the community irrespective of status, race, gender or colour and to strengthen their Islamic spirit of brotherhood and absolute faith in Allah.

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